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Red Team ANGAJEAZA Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker! SALARII EXCELENTE! 


Red Team/Penetration tester

As part of our international Red Team, we perform sophisticated ethical hacking activities for our

clients, across Europe, including physical penetration tests, phishing, social engineering and network/web


The job of a Red Team member will be to cooperate with other team members and perform

simulated real life hacking scenarios against our client’s network through physical, web or email based

methods. The position is intended for highly creative individuals with experience and passion for hacking

and information security.


• Conduct phishing, social engineering, and various hacking attacks on live corporate entities having

full freedom of choice when it comes to selection of tools, methods and technique of infiltration

• Perform recon, vulnerability identification, exploitation, data exfiltration and access maintenance

while remaining stealth throughout the process

• Develop exploits for identified vulnerabilities

• Cooperate with other team members on sharing knowledge, ideas and crafting an attack plan

• Testing and helping with development of custom red teaming toolset


• Demonstrated experience in performing offensive security testing

• Knowledge of at least one scripting language – python, bash, Ruby

• Understanding of malware packing and obfuscation techniques

• Must have the ability to perform targeted penetration tests without use of automated tools

• Familiar with Active Directory environments, administration and security testing, including Exchange,

Sharepoint and other enterprise applications.

• Knowledgeable of network lateral movement techniques – „Kerberoasting”, Golden/Silver Tickets,

WMI/SMB execution, Security Policies analysis and bypass etc.

• Experience with Kali Linux, NMAP, TOR, Metasploit, Mimikatz, Burp Suite and other Windows or UNIX

penetration testing toolsets

• Web application vulnerability analysis and filter/WAF bypassing techniques

• Phishing and social engineering experience

• 2+ years of technical experience

• Foreign language proficiency in English and/or German

• excellent research and analytical skills


• Certification – OSCP, OSCE, GXPN or equivalents

• Ability to program in the following programming languages: C++, ASM, Python

• Reverse engineering and exploit development expertise

• OSINT analysis experience

• Penetration testing experience

• CTF or bug bounty programs participant

• Experience with application and device fuzzing tools and scripts

• Knowledge of wireless and RF vulnerability assessments and associated toolsets, including Aircrackng,

Kismet, Netstumbler, inSSIDer, Software Defined Radio (SDR), HackRF etc.

• Linux/Windows server administration


• Working for Fortune 500 clients

• Excellent salary

• Significant annual, team performance, and per-project bonuses

• Complete freedom to do and develop your skills any way you like

Please send all applications to recruitingredteam@gmail.com

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